This organization shall be known as DALLAS BASS ‘N GALS and in the following articles shall be called the club.




Section A.      To make available to the women of the area an organization which will allow them to unite to pursue worthwhile goals in promoting fishing to it's rightful place among recognized sports.


Section B.      To promote good sportsmanship and fellowship among women anglers and to provide good, wholesome recreation for its members and families.


Section C.     To improve the skills of anglers through the exchange of bass catching techniques and ideas.


Section D.     To encourage members concern for the preservation of our natural resources.


Section E.      To provide instructional clinics and seminars both for the experienced and inexperienced anglers.




Section A.      Qualifications


  • 1. Must be a female of sixteen (16) or more years of age.
  • 2. Abide by the by-laws of this club.
  • 3. Pay annual dues.
  • 4. Must be a paying member of any national affiliation chosen by the club.


Section B.      Expulsion


No person qualifying for membership under Article III, Section A may be expelled from the club except by a majority vote of members present at a regular meeting.




Section A.      Fiscal year will be January 1 through December 31.


Section B.      Dues will be thirty ($30.00) annually and may be raised as deemed necessary by a majority vote of the membership present at the annual business meeting.


Section C.     No dues will be reimbursed.

Section D.     Any member not paying renewal dues will be dropped from the roll and will lose all points accrued for January.


Section E.      Dues after July may be prorated as determined by a majority vote of the members present at the regular meeting.




Section A.      The officers of the club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Tournament Director.


Section B.      The above officers, President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Tournament Director shall be elected by ballot.


Section C.     No member shall be eligible to serve more than three consecutive one year terms in the same office.  Resignations shall be presented in writing to the Officers.


Section D.     Eligibility for holding office.


  • 1. Must be a member of six months.
  • 2. Must have attended at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the Club meetings and functions.


Section E.      Duties of Officers




  • 1. Preside at, and conduct all club meetings
  • 2. Be on signature card for signing club checks
  • 3. While President, she may not cast a vote on any issue with the exception of:
  • a. Explusion of a member
  • b. Tie-breaking vote on any issue
  • 4. May serve as a non-voting ex-officio member of any or all club committees




  • 1. Assist the President
  • 2. Preside at and conduct all meetings in the absence of the President
  • 3. Succeed the President in the case of a vacancy
  • 4. Serve as the parliamentarian of the club
  • 5. Be responsible for contacting members who have missed two (2) or more meetings to see if there is a problem
  • 6. Be responsible to:
  • a. Promote Dallas Bass ‘n Gals
  • b. Get the club involved in local events such as "Kid Fish", etc.
  • c. Contact newspaper and radio stations to get meetings/tournaments and special events in the news
  • d. Serve as back-up to Secretary in maintaining the Dallas Bass ‘n Gals Website




  • 1. Prepare the minutes of each meeting
  • 2. Be responsible for the club's correspondence
  • 3. Record all motions made and record accurate vote count
  • 4. Keep a permanent record file of club's business including a record of meeting attendance, by use of sign in sheets
  • 5. Read correspondence and communications at club meetings
  • 6. Be responsible for having a club newsletter mailed to each member at least one (1) week prior to the monthly meeting
  • 7. Have at each meeting copies of by-laws, club roster and tournament schedule to give to any new members who may be present
  • 8. Retention of Records:
  • a. Financial records to be kept 5 years
  • b. Sign in sheets, weigh slips, etc. to be kept one year
  • c. Minutes of meetings to be kept one year
  • d. By-laws to be kept indefinitely
  • e. Roster to be kept indefinitely
  • 9. Review the by-laws annually for suggestions and amendments
  • 10. Present to the club ten (10) days prior to each annual business meeting, written notice to amend the by-laws
  • 11. Provide incoming secretary with current updated by-laws
  • 12. Maintain Dallas Bass ‘n Gals Website




  • 1. Deposit all fees collected
  • 2. Keep accurate records of receipts and disbursements of club funds
  • 3. Be on signature card to sign club checks
  • 4. Notify members when membership fees are due




  • 1. Select a committee of no less than four (4) members
  • 2. Coordinate each fishing tournament, including Buddy and/or team tournaments
  • 3. See that each member abides by the basic tournament rules according to the current by-laws on hand and uphold same at each tournament
  • 4. Appoint one (1) member of the tournament committee to keep a complete record of weights and give a copy of the results to the Secretary for permanent records
  • 5. Submit to the Treasurer all tournament fees collected and copy of list of participants
  • 6. Responsible for all tournament judging equipment
  • 7. Present a schedule of all tournaments to the club at the beginning of each year (January) for approval
  • 8. Be on signature card for signing club checks
  • 9. Shall furnish an information sheet for each tournament to all members which will include directions to the tournament lake, lake slot limits, and tournament launch location, as well as launch and check-in times





Section A.      The regular meetings of the club shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month unless otherwise ordered by the Club.


Section B.      The regular meeting on the second Tuesday of November shall be known as the annual business meeting and shall be for the purpose of electing officers, receiving reports from officers and committees, and for any other business that may arise.


Section C.     Twenty-five percent (25%) of the club shall constitute a quorum.


Section D.     Ten (10) points shall be awarded for attendance at each meeting.


Section E.      Ten (10) points shall be awarded to each participant for participation in club sanctioned activities.




Section A.      Rule changes:


As part of the club by-laws, these tournament rules can only be amended at the annual business meeting.


Section B.      Participants and Eligibility:


Participation in the tournament is open only to club members and guests of members.  Each member or guest desiring to enter the tournament must have notified the Tournament Chairman at or before the club meeting prior to the tournament.  Each member or guest must pay the entry fee.  The twenty -five($25.00) entry fee and optional ten dollar ($10.00) big bass fee must be received by the Tournament Chairman before the draw of partners has begun.  There shall be no refunds, except as provided for in these by-laws.  Anyone qualified for membership can participate as a guest only one (1) club tournament per year provided there are enough boaters or she is a boater.


Section C.     Sportsmanship:


All contestants are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsman like manner at all times and abide by the purposes of the club.  There will be no alcoholic beverages in the boat while contestants are on the lakes.  Any member drunk during tournament hours is automatically disqualified from the tournament.  Participant may not fish within fifty (50) feet of another boat when said boat is anchored or tied and trolling motor is out of the water.


Section D.     Tackle and Equipment:


Only artificial lures may be used.  No "live bait" or "prepared baits" will be permitted, with the exception of pork rinds, strips, etc.  Only one (1) casting, spinning or spin casting rod and reel may be used at any one time.  All other types are prohibited.  Other rigged rods may be in the boat ready for use; however only one (1) is permitted in use at any given time.  All bass must be caught live and in the conventional sporting manner.


Secrion E.     Bedding Bass:


No one angler in a boat may knowingly catch and count the same bedding fish more than one time during a given tournament as verified by the boating partner or partners.


Section F.      Tournaments:


Nine (9) tournaments (March through November) will be individual draw tournaments (if possible) in which points will be awarded.  Boaters may not fish again with the same non-boater until they have drawn and fished with all non-boaters entered in the tournament for which the drawing is being held.  Tournament officials shall have no responsibility in finding missing partners.  If unable to attend, it will be the member's responsibility to notify the Tournament Chairman as soon as possible so members fishing can be reassigned.  No show points will be awarded and no entry fee will be refunded.  If there are extra non-boaters they may choose to fish from the bank for the tournament points or go with any boater/no-boater who agrees to fish three (3) to a boat, or they may have their entry fee refunded.  If there is an extra boater,  the boater may choose to go alone or to have an observer.


If there are more non-boaters than boaters the non-boaters will draw a number out of a hat.  The highest number will sit out that month's tournament.  The member sitting out a month's tournament will not be required to sit out a tournament again until all non-boaters have sat out one tournament.


Section G.     Boat Operation and Expense:


A full discussion must be held between the two (2) partners prior to a tournament departure as to the schedule of boat operation.  The schedule must permit equal time to fish from the front of the boat and to operate the trolling motor, so as to afford each partner the opportunity to fish her selected waters an equal number of hours.  If a non-boater does not assert her rights, she shall lose the right to select the fishing waters for one-half of the tournament day.  In view of the large expense involved in operating and maintaining a tournament bass boat, it will be the responsibility of the non-boater to pay no less than twenty-five dollars ($25.00) to the boater at the tournament site.  Trailering from take-off site at take-off time will be allowed.  If a member does not feel comfortable operating a boat alone and needs a family member or friend to operate the boat for them the following rules shall apply to the non-participant.


  • 1. Non-tournament participant may not give advise to or help the tournament participant in any way unless agreed by both partners.
  • 2. The non-boater has the right to pick the water and/or operate the trolling motor for half the day, if she desires. It is the responsibility of the non-boater to assist the boater in getting in and out of the water as much as possible. The non-boater should also assist the boater in making the boat road ready after the weigh in.


Section H.     Official Checkpoint:


There shall be only one (1) official point and time for check-out in the morning and check-in in the evening, this point shall be designated by the tournament committee at the club meeting prior to the tournament.  Prior to take-off time the tournament committee shall check all live wells.


Section I.   Banned Lures


No type of Umbrella Rigs will be allowed during tournaments.  


Section J.   Tardiness


 If angler is more than 15 minutes late after scheduled launch time, they will be disqualified for that tournament.




Section I.       Boat Safety:


All contestants are expected to abide by the safety laws as stated in the Boat Safety Rules by the U.S. Coast Guard.  All boats in the individual draw tournaments must be equipped with live wells and with kill switches attached to the driver.  If motor is 45 mp or greater a kill switch must be attached to driver when big motor is running.  This does not apply to boats only using an electric trolling motor.  In order to weigh in live catches, live wells must be operational.  Life jackets will be worn any time the big motor is running.  The non-boater is responsible for checking the proper operation of the kill switch.


Section J.      Scoring:


Tournament standings, final winners and awards shall be determined by the pound and ounce weight of each participant's catch during the tournament.  Only Largemouth, Kentucky, or Smallmouth bass shall be weighed.  The limit shall be five (5) of the above species and varieties.  Only bass which measure ten (10) inches or more in length, on a Golden Rule, shall be presented for weigh-in.  Each boater is required to have a Golden Rule in the boat.  Exact measurement of fish is to be agreed upon by both boater and non-boater and so noted on paper.  Exact weight of fish will be determined by Weigh-Master Chart at weigh-in.  Fish measuring between lines will be counted at next highest line, except for minimum length which must at least touch the actual minimum measurement for the tournament.  When rules are in conflict with state rules, state rules will prevail.  Any bass that appears to have been mangled, mashed, mauled, or otherwise altered will be weighed in and credited only at the discretion of the tournament committee.  Each competitor must present her catch to the weigh-in officials except as otherwise specified in these rules.  After the competitor has delivered her catch to the weigh-master, she may not touch said catch until the weigh-in procedure is completed.  All controversies shall be decided by the tournament committee.


Section K.      Points:


                        Points for each tournament will be awarded as follows:

The participants will be awarded points on the basis of weight of their stringers.  Fifty (50) points will be awarded for first place, forty-nine (49) for second, and so on until all stringers are awarded points.  Each participant with an empty stringer will be awarded twenty (20) points less than the lowest stringer points awarded.  For example, if the lowest stringer is awarded 46 points all empty stringers will get 26 points in that tournament.  Two tenth (.2) of a pound will be deducted from total stringer weight for each dead fish weighed in.  The angler with the highest amount of fishing points at the end of the year will be awarded Angler of the Year and/or Rookie of the Year.  Club members joining after 5 or more tournaments have already been fished in a calendar year will be eligible to compete for Rookie of the Year the following year.


Section L.      Late Penalty:


One (1) pound will be deducted for each minute late, up to fifteen (15) minutes.  Any competitor more than fifteen (15) minutes late will lose all credit for the day's catch.  All competitors must check in with a tournament official by the announced ending time of the tournament.  A competitor within sight of the boat launch is considered on time.


Section M.     Protests:


All protests shall be submitted to the Tournament Chairman in writing within thirty (30) minutes of weigh-in.  All decisions of the tournament committee are final.


Section N.     Lake Changes:


Tournament lake changes may be voted upon by the club thirty (30) days in advance only at the request of the Tournament Committee.


*** Exception - If lake conditions cause ramps and lakes to be inaccessible, the tournament lake may be changed at the meeting prior to the tournament draw.


Section O.     Pay Back:


1.         Tournament entry fee:        80% of entry fee will be paid as follows, with the remaining 20% going to the club:


  • a. Under twenty-five (25) participants:

First Place                 50%

Second Place           30%

Third Place                20%


  • b. Twenty-five (25) or more participants:

First Place                 50%

Second Place           25%

Third Place                15%

Fourth Place             10%


  • 3. Optional Big Bass Fee:


100% Payback


Section P.      Ties:


In the event that identical stringers are weighed in, ties for monetary awards will be broken by the big bass on participant's stringers.  Points for the position that is tied will be awarded to both individuals.  Ties on big bass pot will be divided evenly between the individuals.  All other places shall be divided equally.  In the event that all places for payback are not filled, the monies for the place(s) will be added to the club's treasury.  Ties for year-end awards will be broken by big bass for placing and for year-end big stringer.  Ties for big bass between the tied individuals for the year will be broken by big stringer between those involved.




Section A.      The Club shall determine individual award categories beginning each year.


  • 1. Awards:

The type of awards to be given at the end of the year for Top Four,

Big Bass, Largest Stringer, Rookie of the Year and Angler of the Year will be decided at the January meeting.


  • 2. Disbursement of Funds (top four)

1st Place                                 $200

2nd Place                                $150

3rd Place                                $100

4th Place                                $  50


Section B.      Angler of the Year and Rookie of the Year


                        Free membership in the club for the following year.




The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the club in all cases to which they are applicable and to which they are not inconsistent with these by-laws and any special rules of order that the club may adopt.




These by-laws may be amended at any business meeting at the club by a 2/3rds vote provided the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous regular monthly meeting.




                        Should the club affiliate with another organization the following rules shall apply:


Section A.      Qualifications


The top qualifying member(s) accumulating the most points for the Affiliate tournament year, January 1 through December 31, shall represent Dallas Bass ‘n Gals at the ACC Tournament.  If any of the top qualifier(s) are unable to attend, positions on the top four team will drop down to the numbers five, six, etc. until the positions are filled.


Section B.      Affiliated Criteria:


Team members are to be responsible for complying with the Official Rules for Participants as published by the National Affiliate.


Section C.     Expenses:


The club will make every effort to fully fund each member of the team for the following expenditures:


  • 1. Entry fee
  • 2. Lodging
  • 3. Transportation
  • 4. Boat gas
  • 5. Meals (not to exceed $25.00 per person per day)


Section D.     Disbursement of Winnings: Dependent upon Affiliate rules


  • 1. Any prize valued at $500.00 or more shall be sold and cash divided equally between club and participating team members.
  • 2. Cash prizes totaling $500.00 and above, will be equally divided between the club and participating team members.

3.         Any miscellaneous prize items shall belong to the team member.